Principles of Electricity

Editorial: XALAMBO
Colección: Engineering

Edición: 1ª / Abril de 2023
Formato: Tapa blanda
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ISBN: 978-958-53954-7-3

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PRINCIPLES OF ELECTRICITY offers the interested person in electrical and electronic phenomena the necessary foundation to enter the vast and complex world of electrons, protons, and neutrons and the effect they have on the world. However, it does not only explain electric current through resistance, the voltage that maintains it, and the power it generates, but also delves into electric circuits and the laws that govern them, such as Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff’s Laws, Pouillet’s Law, and Joule’s Law. It also makes an approach to the possible transformations that can occur to analyze electric circuits, such as Delta to Star and Star to Delta. It also provides a complete reflection on the measurement instruments that the technician, technologist, engineer, or simple enthusiast in the field of electricity must always keep in mind and use. The book is accompanied by a series of diagrams, formulas, tables, etc., that aid in the understanding of the electrical phenomenon, as well as relying on a wide variety of solved exercises throughout the text, and others exercises proposed so that the student and reader have the opportunity to, once finished studying the book, get to work and apply what they have learned in the theory. It is, therefore, a complete manual that provides real benefits to students and curious individuals, experts and knowledgeable persons, and those who are just approaching, sometimes with fear, this microscopic and invisible but always real world.


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