Basic Electronics

Editorial: XALAMBO
Colección: Engineering

Edición: 1ª / Mayo de 2023
Formato: Tapa blanda
Tamaño: 15 x 23 x 1.1 cm
No de páginas: 180
Peso: 0.269 Kg
ISBN: 978-958-53954-8-0

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BASIC ELECTRONICS is a step-by-step guide to electronics and electronic circuits, which will become your gateway to the exciting and lucrative world of electricity and electronics. Written in an engaging manner, it is easily understandable for beginners and enthusiasts, without neglecting the technical rigor and even mathematical aspects that are basic but necessary. The reader will find a wealth of designs and examples of solved practical cases that will make their journey through the book enjoyable and fun.


• For individuals with basic knowledge of mathematics, as with a calculator that barely allows the four basic operations, they will be able to validate the examples and solve the proposed cases.

• Electricians and electronics enthusiasts interested in delving into the understanding of the fundamentals of electronics.

• Technicians, technologists, and even engineers who want to review the fundamental concepts of electrical and electronic terminology.

• Those who prefer an elementary book before delving into the study of a complicated tutorial.

• Apprentices, young or old, who wish to delve into the mysterious yet useful and exciting world of electricity and electronics.

Don’t hesitate any longer and immerse yourself in the world of semiconductors, the primary foundation of digital electronics.


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